Bay Area braces for incoming storm bringing high winds, potential flooding

SAN JOSE, Calif. (KGO) -- Everyone is getting ready for the possible of damage and dangerous conditions across the Bay Area from the incoming storm.

The last time the Bay Area had a 3 on the ABC7 Storm Impact Scale, we saw flooding, trees and power lines knocked down and mudslides.

One of the biggest dangers to first responders and the public is downed power lines.

Firefighters say you should always assume lines are energized.

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"If you've got a wire down, it could be the TV line down but it's draping across an un-insulated power line and it's carrying that power. Maybe not enough for you to be seeing sparks with it sitting on the ground but certainly enough to zap you," said San Jose Fire Captain Mitch Matlow.

Localized flooding could be an issue on some roadways.

Firefighters say it only takes an inch of water on the road to cause your vehicle to hydroplane.

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Captain Matlow added, "If it's 4-to-6 inches deep and moving at ten miles an hour, it can shift your car's position even if your car is standing still. Don't risk it."

Santa Clara County has 24 locations where you can stock up on sandbags.

Here is where to find a location near you.

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