Marin County residents make most of storm

MARIN, Calif. (KGO) -- It was a busy day in Marin County as firefighters and police worked to keep up with emergency calls caused by all the wind and rain.

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The Marin County Emergency Operations Center says they have pages and pages of logged calls for help. Fortunately, despite the busy day, nobody was hurt.

The Marin County Sheriff's Department tells ABC7 News part of the reason of that is that schools were closed Thursday, keeping roads like Highway 101 less congested and prone to accidents.

As the wind and rain ramped up late Thursday morning, fire officials were ready for one of the first emergency calls in Mill Valley.

A 60-foot tree uprooted from a hillside and crashed high across Morning Sun Avenue, destroying a wooden garage and taking out power to the neighborhood. Fortunately, nobody was home or hurt when the tree fell. Captain Josh McHugh, with Southern Marin's fire department, says there's often no warning when a tree falls.

Given this year's heavy string of storms McHugh advises inspecting the area around your house. "If you see the ground starting to erode, any types of fissures, cracks in the ground, that can be a warning sign that it's an unstable area," he said.

Further north in Kentfield along Corte Madera Creek, the high tide, in combination with a deluge of rain turned a neighborhood street into a shallow lake big enough for tubing off the back of a Volvo and boating, according to neighbor James Hamill.

"My friend, his dad has a kayak and when it floods like this he brings out his kayak," he said.

When asked if she was having as much fun as her children mom Jennifer Hamill said, "No. I'd like to be inside."

Hamill's doing her best to entertain her children on their rainy day away from school and is appreciative of all the drought-curing storms. She says she's had enough for the season.

"We're done with the water," she told ABC7 News. "It's too much. We can't take any more of this, that's for sure."

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Marin Health and Human Services is also tired of seeing kids in floodwaters due to their potential to contain sewage and chemicals.

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