Massive Eucalyptus tree falls, crushes car in Fremont

FREMONT, Calif. (KGO) -- A car parked in the wrong place in the wrong time got the wrath of yet another Bay Area storm Friday.

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In Fremont, when you see a sign reading, 'Sidewalk Closed' you take a hint. When it says 'Tree Work Ahead' consider that an understatement especially along Mowry Avenue.

"It sounded like thunder," said resident Rose Airoso. "Really loud thunder."

Airoso surveyed the remnants of a eucalyptus tree that fell next door to her. It looks impressive from the ground.

The carnage left was eighty feet of tree falling from the median crossing the road and landing directly on top of an Acura parked out front.

If there had been someone inside it would have taken a while to extricate them from the tangled mess. The new concern around here is for other trees along the same strip.

John Hsu says his mother was concerned about the tree. "We would hope this would never happen again," he said. "A big line of trees. We hope the city government can help."

Fremont's government may feel motivated since the tree fell from city property onto a private car, the city is liable and fortunate because had someone been in the car it could have been much worse.

It was a lucky day, in a twisted kind of way.

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