State of emergency in Napa County due to severe storm damage

NAPA, Calif. (KGO) -- Officials in Napa County declared a State of Emergency Wednesday after reporting widespread damage from recent storms.

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The county estimates it will spend $15 million to fix infrastructure issues that already exist and even more as the storms continue through the winter.

The County Public Works Director Steve Lederer walked around some of the areas that suffered the brunt of the damage from last week's storms. "It's probably in the $35 million range," said Lederer.

A massive mudslide resulted in a major part of Redwood Road collapsing into Redwood Creek, which is now threatening homes in the area.

"Today it does not look like much impact. But even a small amount of rain will cause more slides, bringing more trees down," said Lederer.

The State of Emergency will allow Napa County to access monetary help from other counties, the state and the federal government.

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