North Bay fields hail, wind, rain in one day

SONOMA COUNTY, Calif. (KGO) -- Hail bounced off the ground in Petaluma. There was a downpour of rain in Vallejo. And at Sonoma Raceway, there was a mixture of both.

That took a lot of people by surprise.

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"Unexpected, I figured it was going to rain a little bit, but I wasn't expecting hail," said Adam Lipsky of Sonoma.

"I left for lunch, it was nice and sunny. I came back and it was like someone flipped a switch. It turned into a pretty crazy rainstorm on the way back," said Faruk Kugay, an employee at Sonoma Raceway.

Once the rain and hail storms moved on, the sun went down and the weather turned cold and windy.

Mitch Palma was working outside the Walmart in American Canyon, doing everything he can to stay warm.

"I have a couple layers of shirts underneath and then I'm wearing thermal pants and then two socks," he said.

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"We got rain," exclaimed Carol Wilson, who welcomed the rain in Vallejo Thursday. She's just not so sure about the nighttime temperatures that followed.

"It's hecka cold. It's so cold it's like I'm up in Tahoe," Wilson added.

And if you're wondering Carol, the next chance of rain is Monday and the weather may warm up a little bit this weekend.

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