North Bay Rain: A rough day on the roads

SONOMA COUNTY, Calif. (KGO) -- What could be more peaceful and reassuring than delicate drops falling on a lake?

How about when it isn't a lake, but Valley Ford Road west of Petaluma?

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"There is a lot of rain," said Judy Wallick as she sat in her pick-up, truck.

"Have you seen people try to go through it?" we asked.


So we stuck around, and of course someone tried it.

A Ford F-250 with wheels big enough for a 747 splashed through the deep, quarter-mile gauntlet.

By the middle, it looked and sounded like a boat. Somehow, that driver made it across, passing the half-submerged carcass of another vehicle at the halfway mark.

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Flooded or not, we found no easy driving today. Highway 101 through Sonoma County felt like a game of Russian Roulette on wheels, with slightly better odds.

This caused the longest disruption. A eucalyptus tree that fell across both northbound lanes near East Washington Blvd. Nobody got hurt, but it scared quite a few people.

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