People living near Russian River worried about more flooding

GUERENVILLE, Calif. (KGO) -- Thursday night was an anxious night for many people living near the Russian River. The river has flooded in some parts and more rain is coming.

Jake Hamlin has dealt with this before-- but he's still not budging.

"I raised all the plugs in the basement to 6 ft. So it has 6 ft before it reaches any electricity. So it should be taken care of."

But anyone living inside Mirabel RV Park had no choice but to evacuate. River water rushed in forcing everyone to pack up and get out.

"it was like a domino effect, then 1, 2, 3, just pulling right out," said evacuee Christina Campbell.

The storm forced four school districts and more than 30 roads in the county to close.

Irvin Mota ran through this flooded road-- twice. He was hoping to drive his truck off of Trenton Road before it closed, but nearby Mark West Creek rose way too fast.

"The messed up thing is it's flooded between here-- my truck is on a little mountain and it's still flooded behind it so I can't get in or out of it."

It could be days before Mota can get through. Water isn't expected to recede for days. And all of those from the evacuated RV park don't expect to go home until Sunday-- at the earliest.

"I'm recovering from a broken neck so it's not easy for me," said evacuee Kelly Koster.

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