Police say wet roads likely to blame for North Bay truck crash

LARKSPUR, Calif. (KGO) -- Firefighters in Marin used chainsaws to rescue people from a truck that crashed into a traffic light pole on Sir Francis Drake Blvd, in front of the Larkspur Ferry Building. An employee said the truck's brakes were no match for the slick roads and the heavy load of lumber on the flatbed.

Traffic was backed up to Highway 101 after the crash, where rain fell all evening - a wet warm up for Wednesday's big storm.

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"It looks like there's going to be a big surge tomorrow afternoon and really into the evening," said Woody Baker-Cohn, the coordinator for Marin County's Office of Emergency Services. He says crews have been working hard to make sure Marin County is storm ready. "The Department of Public Works is clearing roads and creeks and drainages. Our Urban Search and Rescue Team is on standby as is our swift water rescue, in case this were to be a much bigger flood if the storm were to stall over the area."

North Bay residents have been getting ready, too. Renee Asuncion works at Goodman's Building Supply in Mill Valley and says they ran out of sand bags Tuesday. All that's left is what's guarding their own front door. "Every customer that came in here today got like three and four. The sandbags were really needed today," said Asuncion.

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But, don't let the worry about possible flooding take away from the good news about local reservoirs. "Our reservoirs are about 80 percent full right now, which is a little higher than average," said Mike Ban, the engineering manager for the Marin Municipal Water District. "A few more inches of rain from these next rain falls and then the reservoirs will start to fill up a lot faster than they have been."

Ban says that besides rain, another reason Marin reservoirs are in such good shape is because residents have been continuing their conservation efforts. One simple thing you can do to save water, is turn off your irrigation, since your plants will be getting plenty of rain water this week,

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