Russian River floodwaters could break records

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Russian River nears record breaking flood levels January 11, 2017

The Russian River is about to reach its highest level after this week's storm system. Residents who have already been forced to evacuate around Guerneville are preparing for things to get even worse.

Regan Tighe drove as close as he could to get to his daughter's apartment on Church Street but flood levels in the area reached about 3 feet deep Wednesday morning. "They are in a two-story house, so they are safe. I just want to make sure they are okay," said Tighe.

On Neely Road, Sarah Wirt stopped by to check on her friends. "They're in there, they are okay. They are above flood level but I am sure it is nerve wracking," said Wirt.

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The Leone Family also has friends who live on Neely who didn't evacuate. "Most of the homes in this area are lifted so living areas won't flood. It's just the basements and stairs in and out," said Robin Leone

The flooding also caused schools in the area to cancel classes. Anthony Leone has been trying to entertain his bored friend who is trapped at home. "He facetimed me and we played some games online, probably playing a lot of video games," said Leone.

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The high water didn't stop everyone from getting around. One man used his kayak to check on his property, while a family of five took a canoe from their home to get out.

To many people's surprise the floodwater did not reach downtown. Many people say they expected things to be worse. "Better than it was going to be, it was going to be 40 feet, I'm good." said Steve Gerst.

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