San Jose flood victims gathering at area shelters

SAN JOSE, Calif. (KGO) -- People forced from their homes in San Jose due to flooding are gathering at area shelters. Buses dropped off dozens of people at James Lick High School, which is now a converted Red Cross Shelter.

Some of the smallest evacuees seemed exhausted. Brothers and roommates Alberto and Aldren Rosario would have been on the bus had they been home Tuesday morning.

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"It was just flood all over the place. I just had to park across the street," said Alberto.

Unable to get back to their apartment they came to the shelter. "I was amazed I didn't know what to do," said Aldren.

"I'm just pretty shocked right now," said Alberto.

"We have food, snacks, water. We have health service nurses here to help assess their needs if they lost their meds. We also have some mental health professionals to talk to them about their recovery," said John Ruiz, a Regional Disaster Officer with the Red Cross.

A second shelter is on standby if the one at James Lick High School reaches capacity, which is 240 people.

The Salvation Army dropped off socks and undergarments for evacuees.

"It's a team effort. American Red Cross and us, we just have to take care of our people here," said Dan Guhl, who is with the Salvation Army.

Click here to see a map of emergencies in the area.

San Jose resident Chris Patterson-Simmons stopped by as well. "I said I need to go down and see what I can do to help," he said.

She offered clothing vouchers from her boutique to those impacted. "We prayed for the rain. We need the rain but it's devastating now, it's really devastating," she continued.

The Red Cross says it's still assessing victim's needs and that monetary donations to the Red Cross are always helpful.

The shelter at James Lick High School can not accommodate pets. Anyone who needs to shelter a pet can bring their pet to the San Jose Animal Shelter on Monterey Road for safekeeping.

The animal shelter is located at 2750 Monterey Road, San Jose.

To report downed trees and flooding, call 408-794-1900.

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