Small victories after the rain in Sonoma County

SANTA ROSA, Calif. (KGO) -- The aftermath of storms can be bizarre, enlightening and, sometimes, just plain entertaining.

Consider the moment when we crossed paths with Kenny Nash in Sonoma County Thursday. He sat in a Dodge 4x4, staring down a bridge covered by flowing water at Wohler Road. "I said, I can make it. I done it before."

"You must have been in a hurry?"

"Naw. Just doing it!"

For every person who has spent the last 24 hours avoiding water, we finally found a man ready to confront it. Without hesitation, Kenny gunned his engine and set out across 100 yards of invisible road covered by fast-moving liquid uncertainty.

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"I got a little nervous as I got closer the turn. I didn't want to gun it so I laid off the power and when I got to the middle of the bridge, I knew I had it." At times during that description, Kenny sounded like a victor being interviewed after winning a tractor pull. "I'm an athlete. The best players take the challenge."

"Even in a 4x4?"


After the crossing, we applauded and Kenny Nash waved.

Then he parked his 4x4 to accept our congratulations.

"Are you crazy?" we asked.

"I got AAA!"

Call it a small victory after the rain.

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