Some Bay Area residents gearing up for rainy season

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The Bay Area is getting some much needed rain this week and some homeowners are gearing up before the bigger, winter rains hit. (KGO-TV)

The Bay Area is experiencing some light to moderate rain on Wednesday.

The rain is a reminder for homeowners to clean up and get their gutters checked before the bigger, winter rains hit.

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Gutter experts told ABC7 News they've been slammed with customers for the past month and that if you haven't booked an appointment by now, it might be awhile until they can get to you. "Silicon Valley is expensive and you've got a large investment," gutter cleaning expert Tim Zickuhr said.

Zickuhr is following up on a previous job. He has been working on getting a building ready ahead of what's expected to be a very rainy season. "Homes that have trees around them, such as oaks or anything else, pine, they should be done every six months," he said.

The same goes for Robert Muonio. He's installing a new gutter at a Campbell home and said he's been swamped with requests for work. It doesn't rain in the summertime, you know, why fix your gutters if it's not raining. Well, but now it's coming and they all want it done before the El Nino hits," he said.

Muonio said most of the area's qualified companies are already booked for all of October into the first week of November.

Muonio said after a company completes the job you should ask for the following: "You could ask them to take a hose out and at least just flush the outlets and make sure that water is going down the pipe and that the gutter's are actually working, because that's a problem. They clean your gutters, but the downspouts and the outlets are still plugged," he said.

But some neighbors are taking their chances. "Actually I'm waiting for the first rain, that's when I usually get on my roof and clean out the gutters when it's all gooey and makes a mess," Campbell resident Dennis Flick said.

Procrastination is the name of the game for some people. "I'm just like normal people. Never put off until tomorrow, what you can do on the day after."

Tomorrow there will be an isolated morning sprinkle, otherwise clouds will give way to some afternoon sun. Highs will range from the mid 60s to lower 80s.

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