Some drivers raise concerns over Morgan Territory Road detour in Clayton

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Some drivers are frustrated after a key road in Clayton was shut down so crews could work on storm-related repairs. (KGO-TV)

A key road that in Clayton will be closed for three months starting Monday.

Morgan Territory Road in Clayton will be shut down about a mile south from Marsh Creek Road as crews work on storm-related repairs.

Now, new signs are being added after drivers raised concerns about getting around the detour.

Melina Volm found out the hard way Monday morning that she was going to have to find a new route to get to a daycare center for dogs. "I kind of knew the road was closed, but don't know how to get back there, I know there's a way, so I'm trying to find that out," she said.

Officials said a crack in the road has been moving up to a foot a day and is just now stable enough for the workers to start the job.

They'll be there six days a week for about three months. "We've had a lot of phone calls already this morning, people trying to figure out how to get out here.

ABC7 News checked in at Camp Four Paws to see if their furry customers were making there OK Monday morning. They do think the closure has impacted their drop in business.

"Typically you're taking a right, and now everybody is taking a left, and it's poor signage there too, so everyone is getting turned around for sure," Camp Four Paws manager Karen Cooper said.

Drivers, there are signs along the detour to guide you, but no signs telling you to turn onto the detour. Officials told ABC7 News that's because they want to minimize traffic on the private road that property owners are allowing to be used during construction. So, it is a little of a locals only route.

The Camp Four Paws manager is worried about business and her neighbors. "They're trying to keep as many people off it as possible, I don't think they're thinking about the impact it may have on businesses and people who need urgent care, and things like that, but we're doing our best," Cooper said.

The county gave access passes to residents and their visitors. You can drive on the road without a pass, but you may get stopped by sheriff's deputies.

The work is scheduled to be done by October 18, 2017.
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