South Bay dealing with the after-effects of strong storms with more rain expected this weekend

LOS GATOS, Calif. (KGO) -- The bigger storms have moved on here in the Bay Area, but we're still dealing with showers and the possibility of thunderstorms through Sunday.

The stormy weather left behind a mess. Big puddles and tree limbs and other debris can be seen everywhere.

In Los Gatos, a landslide continues to block Hicks Road between Pheasant Road and Alamitos Road.

The side of the hill came down Monday, but workers say they need to take down all of the hill that's not secure before it can be deemed safe.

VIDEO: Drone video shows aftermath of Sausalito mudslide

One worker said it could take until the middle of next week.

The frustration of driving in the rain is not going away either.

As traffic gets worse and worse in the Bay Area, the rain has an even bigger impact than ever.

"People are going crazy going 90 miles per hour in the rain pouring down. No common sense whatsoever," Limo Driver Robert Benavidez said.

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