South Bay woman heartbroken as son, dog, husband endure Hurricane Harvey

SAN JOSE, Calif. (KGO) -- A woman who just moved to the Bay Area has been hit hard by the devastation in Houston.

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Her husband and son are still there and are alright, but are dealing with what they describe as a war zone.

Lisa Askenazi Felix is having a difficult time looking at any video of the hurricane damage in Houston. She caught a glimpse of her home on the news.

Felix just moved to the South Bay for a news job three weeks ago, but her husband Marco stayed behind in Houston so their son could finish his senior year in high school there.

Lisa Askenazi Felix' son and dog appear in this undated image.

But Saturday night the water reached five feet. Out of desperation, he decided to swim with his dog out the front door.

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"The water was quite high and the dog had to literally swim and my husband was swimming paddling," Felix said. "Made their way swimming to a house that was a few houses down."

Marco was able to make it to a neighbor's house at a higher elevation. ABC7 News spoke to him by phone. "They gave me brand new clothes, fresh clothes -- it was quite an ordeal and it was very very scary."

Fortunately, their son was at a friend's house that did not flood. It was two days before they could reunite.

Marco returned to the home Tuesday. Nearly all of their possessions were destroyed.

"It's not going to be livable for a very long time," Felix told ABC7 News.

This is the third year in a row their home has flooded. The family is overwhelmed and is asking for prayers.

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