Storm causing problems in East Bay, more rain expected

MARTINEZ, Calif. (KGO) -- As waves of rain continue to move through the East Bay, homeowners, business people and public works agencies a preparing for what might come.

Filling and stacking sandbags was apparently a chore a lot of business owners in downtown Martinez took part in Wednesday. A flood control project here has reduced the severity of flooding. But, it is still a possibility. That's why Martinez Mayor Rob Schroder has sandbags in front of his new office downtown.

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"It doesn't flood up above the windows but we get it up to the curb. Usually when cars go through it creates a wake and from time to time it will go underneath the doorway," he says.

On a residential street in Lafayette, an old oak tree that's been there for decades was done in by the rain and wind.

"It was a 50-foot-tall oak tree that fell on Withers Avenue in Lafayette. It fell across both lanes. It had a five foot base so it was really old," Steve Padilla of Contra Costa County Public Works tells ABC7 News.

Victoria Werhan lives nearby and heard the oak come crashing down.

"The whole house shook, literally rattled. So, I went outside and saw the big oak had fallen," she said.

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That was the big job that kept county public works occupied Wednesday morning. For the evening evening, they're keeping an eye on the usually suspects - clogged drains and culverts, and they hope homeowners do the same.

"Clean the drainage areas, there's a lot of leaves, a lot debris and when the rain comes that's when you get trouble, when you get saturation," Padilla said.

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