Tree falls in 50 mph winds killing East Bay woman

SAN RAMON, Calif. (KGO) -- Weather caused a lot of problems Saturday. Trees came crashing down and one killed a woman in the East Bay.

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At around 11:00 a.m. a 20 foot tree fell in 50 mph winds at Canyon Lakes Golf Course. It hit and killed a 56-year-old woman as she walked on the golf cart trail with her husband. Firefighters call it a freak accident.

"It wasn't a very big tree," said San Ramon Valley Fire Chief Dan McNamara. "It was something wouldn't think would be an issue, but unfortunately with the circumstances everything lined up to end in a tragic event.

No one else was hurt but those who live nearby are shocked.

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"I wouldn't think that could happen in this neighborhood to be honest," said resident Christine Ally. "I thought you would hear it or see something."

An arborist rushed to chop down a 35 foot pine tree near Canyon Woods after San Ramon fire officials deemed it unsafe Saturday. The tree's lower branches were hitting cars as they passed underneath it.

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"It could have been leaning a little this morning," said arborist Kyle Vigneau. "But now after the rain it's leaning a lot more."

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