Unusually warm weather prompts flower blooms, surfing in Bay Area

BERKELEY, Calif. (KGO) -- The warm weather in the Bay Area means things that don't normally happen for a couple of months, like surfing, are happening now.

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"You can see, it's already fully blooming," said Justin Georganas of Westbrae Nursery in Berkeley, pointing out a Manzanita that's flowering two months ahead of schedule along with a Japanese Camellia and Black Tulip Mongolia. "It's already opening up with the unprecedented amount of heat it's receiving."

The warm weather itself isn't a problem for most flowering plants. But, since it's still early February, the danger to your garden is that there's still time for a bud-damaging cold snap. But, you can still protect your plants.

"Forty degrees or lower is a good time to mulch," Georganas added. "For smaller plants, vegetable starts, cold cloth, or frost cloth is the best way to protect those."

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The record-breaking temperatures means more people are enjoying the outdoors in the Bay Area -- but up in Tahoe, the lack of snow has kept a lot of skiers off the mountains.

"My skis have been in the shop getting repaired because we've been hitting a lot of rocks because the snow cover is not too thick," says Steve Krcik who has skied at several resorts in Tahoe this winter.

The silver lining for those hoping to hit the slopes is that Sports Basement is already slashing ski equipment prices by fifty percent.

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