VIDEO: Incredible 'fognado' rolls past beach in Santa Cruz

SANTA CRUZ, Calif. (KGO) -- Fog passes through the Bay Area almost every day, but people in Santa Cruz were stunned by what they saw on Wednesday.

Julia Elman sent ABC7 News a timelapse of fog rolling past the beach. In the video you see a giant mass arrive and disappear in less than two minutes.

An ABC7 News photographer also took video of this incredible weather moment and fondly called it a "fognado." He says the winds were so strong they were tossing things in the air, including a kiddie pool that tumbled into the street.

ABC7 News Weather Anchor Spencer Christian says this is an elongated bank of low clouds being pushed briskly over the water by the forceful wind, giving it a horizontal shape that looks like a sideways tornado (even though it isn't one!).

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