Warm weather, free entry results in big rush to Muir Woods

MARIN COUNTY, Calif. (KGO) -- The holiday, warm weather and free entry to Muir Woods packed people into Marin County Monday.

Parking lots filled up fast, people had to park miles away from the park and when they got there, the walkways were crowded. The national monument is a nice place to visit on days like this, but it becomes a big inconvenience for residents at Muir Beach.

Resident Levon Sagatelyan said, "How do we balance this? I don't think there's been enough effort to really put some intelligent thought to it, is my concern."

On packed days like this residents don't even want to go for a 12-minute drive to Mill Valley.

Resident Edward Hyman said, "It would take an hour in and an hour out. There's no going out for anything.

The next National Park free days are April 18 and 19 -- the opening weekend for National Park Week.
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