Wild weather, slick roads cause trouble for drivers in the East Bay

OAKLAND, Calif. (KGO) -- The East Bay saw a fair share of wild weather Monday and it didn't stop when night fell.

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The evening in Oakland started with a downpour of freezing rain in town and icy snow-like hail in Tilden Regional Park.

The wet roads and dark sky meant trouble for drivers in the East Bay, including at a home in Oakland. A driver said because of the rain and slick asphalt, she lost control of her SUV, skipped the curb and crashed into a tree in Sue Yascolt's front yard.

"I saw that and I said, oh not again!"

Yascolt has lived on 35th Avenue and Willis Court since 1982. She says the curve in the road right above of her house is to blame for nearly 10 crashes into and around her home over the past 37 years. She wishes drivers would learn to slow down during storms and stop wrecking her property.

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"I know 30 miles-per-hour in the sunlight, in the best of conditions, that's the speed limit. But like right now, it's gotta be less than that."
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