White supremacist posters go up around South Bay

SARATOGA, Calif. (KGO) -- In recent weeks, white supremacy posters have gone up in San Jose, Campbell, and Saratoga.

"As I see the sign, it says, 'Keep America, American,'" Tiger Teerlink with Saratoga's Chamber of Commerce said. "You know, isn't that ironic?"

Teerlink told ABC7 News it's clear those responsible aren't familiar with the Saratoga audience. He described the city as a melting pot of cultures.

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"If there's anybody putting signs up, they've got that right to speak out," he explained. "But that definitely is not symbolic of Saratoga at all."

The Saratoga posters led people to the white supremacist group, Patriot Front. According to the Anti-Defamation League, Patriot Front members maintain their ancestors conquered America and left it to them alone.

ABC7 News found no signs of these posters on Friday. Though a Saratoga neighbor told our partners at the Mercury News that the flyers were taped to the sides of newspaper bins in downtown.

The signs reportedly urged people to "report any and all illegal aliens."

Saratoga Mayor Mary-Lynne Bernald told ABC7 News, "It's unfortunate that the visibility of this organization has now grown considerably beyond the limited number of people that may have seen the fliers in Saratoga."

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Not more than two miles from downtown, artists at Montalvo Arts Center are preparing for displays of their own.

Dozens are creating pieces in response to those white nationalist posters.

Executive Director, Angela McConnell said the July 20th show would give these artists an opportunity to better define the quintessential American phrase, "We the People."

On Friday, McConnell said, "'We' is everyone, 'we' is all of us, 'we' is you, 'we' is me, 'we' is us."

The We the People exhibit will feature works from artists who have turned some of the more difficult times in American history, into works of art.

Those artists and others told ABC7 News they aren't surprised those flyers are being posted now, though they are surprised to see them in the South Bay.

"It's unfortunate, but we have to tolerate it." Tiger Teerlink said. "It's a free country, and it's part of the price that we pay."

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