'Why my brother?' Family heartbroken after murder of SF security guard

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- The sister of a security guard shot and killed is thanking San Francisco police after they arrested a suspect less than 24 hours after the crime.

Rolando Romero, 61, would have celebrated his 38th wedding anniversary Thursday. His sister said he was on a Facetime call with his wife in the Philippines when he was shot.

Lynn Romero Cruz still can't believe her baby brother is gone.

"The policeman said it's murder," said Romero Cruz.

Around 5:20 Monday morning, security guard Rolando Romero was talking with his wife on Facetime from his job at Fitzgerald Avenue and Arelious Walker Drive when, his sister said, he realized something was very wrong.

"My brother said, 'oh I'm going to hang up. I think I've been shot I'm going to call 911,'" Romero Cruz said of the call.

San Francisco police said Romero passed away at the hospital.

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Less than 24 hours later, officers took 24-year-old Cardell Coleman into custody on the same street where someone shot Romero. Police booked Coleman on homicide.
"I am so grateful to these people, to all the policemen of the San Francisco," said Romero Cruz ."This is what I want -- justice."

Romero Cruz said her brother was working in the United States so that he could support his family in the Philippines.

"This man who did this thing, I hope he (has) a conscience," Romero Cruz said. "The one he killed is a person not to have that kind of death, he doesn't deserve that."

She said her brother was not armed.

She has just one question for Coleman: "Why my brother, why?"

With both their parents gone, she said it had been just the two of them. She never imagined her younger sibling would pass first.

"If you have a brother or a sister, hug them, kiss them while you can," said Romero Cruz.

The family set up a GoFundMe page to raise money to bring Romero's body back to the Philippines for burial.
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