Widow of Richmond police officer volunteers in Houston

RICHMOND, Calif. (KGO) -- The widow of a Richmond police officer who was shot and killed in February of 2016 just returned from Houston. Sandra Vegas says she went there to give back just as people in Richmond and Vallejo did for her following Officer Gus Vegas' death.

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"It's heartbreaking to think that in a blink of an eye you can lose everything," said Vegas.
Vegas says she lost her everything in 2016 when during a domestic dispute her grandson's father shot and killed her husband, Richmond Police Officer Gus Vegas. She says it was her family's personal storm.

When Hurricane Harvey hit Houston, she felt called to help.

"Different type of storm but they were feeling the same thing that we were feeling," said Vegas.

She and three others got on a plane to Houston.

"The work is real, the laborers are few," said Vegas' friend Vernon Williams in a cell phone video he shot while driving through Houston.

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"We were just there as servants," said Williams.

As Vegas helped distribute clothing at shelters, Williams helped people clean and rebuild their homes.
"It felt as if we were sun on a gloomy day or hope in the midst of despair some kind of order in the midst of chaos," said Williams.

"To let them know that though doesn't seem like you'll get through it but you will you'll get through it," said Vegas.

Even though they've just returned home to Vallejo, they're open to going back to Texas or to Florida to provide assistance.

"Where God leads me to go that's where I'm going to go," Williams added.

"We're really the ones that got blessed when we walked away," said Vegas.

It's a blessing they hope to share again.

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