Wildland fire season re-opens in Novato

NOVATO, Calif (KGO) -- First the North Bay fires and now the devastation in Southern California is prompting the city of Novato to take action.

The fire department says it's re-opening wildland fire season to ensure the city is well protected from the threat of a wildfire. This means having more crews and equipment - fully ready to respond.

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The concern is over the very dry conditions that still exist in Novato. By now the North Bay hills are meant to be green, resembling the beautiful lush hills of Ireland, but that is not the case.

"Locally, here is Novato, we've had no rain, there's no rain in the immediate forecast. The brush, grass, and trees that surround us are similar to the conditions that we normally see in the Summer months," Novato Fire Department Chief Mark Heine said. "Call 911 whenever you see or smell smoke. Be extra cautious please during these cold temperatures when you use your fireplace or any outdoor fire pit," he added.

By re-opening the season, the equipment and the type-3 engine used by Novato firefighters to combat wildfires will be taken out of storage.

The public is being asked to be careful when building all indoor and outdoor fires.

The Associated Press contributed to this story.
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