Meet America's Nicest Neighbor

ByMichael Koenigs, Chris Casey & Jordan Fuller Localish logo
Thursday, March 4, 2021
Is this the nicest person in America?
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This incredible woman with Williams Syndrome is the most popular person in the neighborhood!

Durham, NC. -- Amy, originally the "Florida Queen," has become a beloved member of the North Street neighborhood in Durham, North Carolina.

Amy has a genetic condition called Williams Syndrome (WS) that often encourages unique verbal abilities, highly social personalities, and an affinity for music. It is also associated with some developmental delays.

Amy loves waving to her neighbors, winning bowling tournaments, and taking road trips with her best friend Avery. Avery is a graduate of Duke University who joined Reality Ministries, a Christian organization that fosters friendships amongst people of all abilities marked by mutuality and authenticity.

North Street is a neighborhood where friends with disabilities thrive within a broader community.

ABC's Michael Koenigs @mcckoenigs is the host of the show "More in Common" which features people across America who overcome their differences and find common ground.

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