Musically gifted student creates new song for SF's Willie Brown Middle School

SAN FRANCISCO -- What happens when musical talent merges with school pride? At San Francisco's Willie Brown Middle School, it makes a new song.

The song is the work of 13-year-old Jaiden Coleman. He's an eighth grader at the recently built campus which opened in 2015.

Since the school is new, Jaiden thought it ought to have a new school anthem so he sat down and wrote one.

"When I got here and started rapping and stuff everybody was just liking it, so I just kept doing it," Jaiden said.

He thinks the new song could create a legacy at the school. The song will be captured in a music video that Jaiden and fellow students filmed Friday.

They say when it's finished they'd like to have the school's namesake, former Mayor Willie Brown, to see it.

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