San Jose's Winchester Mystery House unveils an all-new horrifying tour in time for Halloween

SAN JOSE, Calif. (KGO) -- The Winchester Mystery House is a historic landmark in San Jose, Calif. but you've never taken a tour here like this before.

During this new walkthrough experience, guests see forbidden rooms of the house, never before seen by the public, in this horrifying tour known as "Unhinged".

"Unhinged is something like we've never ever tried before," Winchester Mystery House General Manager Walter Magnuson said. "It was something that is a direct result of a lot of guests asking us for more of a scary and immersive experience this time of year."

The hour-long tour takes you through many of the haunted stories of the cursed Winchester home.

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Through twists and turns, you walk through pitch black rooms and witness haunts that are sure to scare.

Also on the grounds, a first of it's kind light show illuminates the exterior of the home that truly brings the horrors inside to life.

It's all in an attempt to preserve the history of the home and show the stories in a different way.

"We've been open for almost 100 years," Magnuson said. "We've been so lucky that we remain a very popular attraction, but a lot of our guests do like coming here at night. They like to have a different kind of experience and I think this time of year is the perfect time to offer that."

Fans came from all over, including outside of the state of California to see this brand new haunting tour.

Many have visited the Winchester Mystery House before, but this is nothing like what they expected.

"I was expecting it to be a little more historical, but still spooky because it was dark," Aaron Shurtliff said.

"I've done this tour twice," Joshua Shurtliff said. "It was more of a historical aspect, but that's not what we did here."

"There's no comparison," Deb Kirkman said. "I've been through these rooms, but not like this."

Walter Magnuson said one of the tricky situations that they had to work through was creating a truly scary experience for their guests without disrespecting the history of the house.

After all, this is a historic place.

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"The Winchester Mystery House is incredibly unique," Magnuson said. "We're a landmark on the registry. Sarah Winchester inherited the fortune for the Winchester company and she started building this house and didn't stop for 38 straight years."

Now, all these years later, there's still so many oddities of the home that make visitors wonder what exactly was going on in the mind of Sarah Winchester.

Answers that may never be answered.

"What isn't unique about this house," Magnuson said. "The Winchester Mystery House has doors that lead to nowhere, stairs that lead to the ceiling, with 160 rooms, 25,000 square feet and it was in a constant state of becoming during Sarah Winchester's lifetime. There's a lot of mysteries. We're just not sure why she built it the way she did."

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While many have heard the stories of the daisies trapped in time and the doorway to nowhere, the stories of Unhinged are just beginning to be written.

"I can't wait to see the guests reaction to the show," Magnuson said. "I think that it's just something that's going to blow them away. We're featuring parts of the house that have been never before seen like parts of the basement that have not been seen since Sarah's time. The show in the front garden is going to blow people away too."

In just speaking with a few guests, it's safe to say guests were blown away.

"It was better than what I expected," Luca Bovone said. "I liked the jump scares because I like being frightened."

"My voice is gone because I was screaming in there," Gavin Bovone said.

"I only screamed a million times," Tammie Allen said. "Anything that jumps out at me or slams, I'm on the ceiling. My voice is even hoarse."

If you are someone that chases the world of the scary or love historic spooky locations, look no further than in San Jose and the Winchester Mystery House.

"This time of year, people really enjoy doing things at night," Magnuson said. "In the spirit of the season, what better place to do it than the Winchester Mystery House? I don't think there's anywhere else where you can have that experience other than Unhinged."

Unhinged runs on 28 select nights from Sept. 6 - Nov. 2.

For more information on Unhinged or the house itself, visit their website here.

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