Wine pairings with a cannabis twist

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- Just as wine has distinctive aromas and flavors, so does cannabis. Here are some tips for pairing the right cannabis with the right glass of wine.

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Look for wines that have similar aromas and similar effects.

(The following wine and cannabis pairings were provided by Jamie Evans, founder of The Herb Somm, a website that highlights cannabis use in the culinary world.)

2014 Scribe Chardonnay, Carneros - Sonoma County
A light-bodied white wine with aromas of mango, pineapple and tropical fruits followed by hints of lemon and citrus. When pairing with cannabis, look for a refreshing sativa strain that has high levels of myrcene or limonene to match the Chardonnay's tropical citrusy note.

Flow Kana - Banana Mango (Grown by Ensensia Farms, Mendocino County)
A sativa cannabis flower with complex fruity aromas that has banana, mango and floral flavors. Banana Mango (18.82% THC and .06% CBD) offers creative mood enhancing effects without inducing anxiety.

2016 Ellipsis Rosé of Pinot Meunier, Sonoma Coast
Bright and lively on the nose with flavors of cranberry, raspberry, and mandarin orange. When pairing with cannabis, look for a hybrid strain with fruity and red berry characteristics.

Flow Kana - Berry White (Grown by Elysian Fields, Mendocino County)
This indica-leaning hybrid has sweet berry aromas and flavors. Berry White (22% THC and .10% CBD) can leave users feeling sleepy, but also feeling an overall sense of happiness, almost like a glass of rose.

2014 Ellipsis Pinot Noir, Anderson Valley
This wine has notes of red plum, sour brandied cherries and sweet mocha with hints of tobacco and fig preserve. When pairing with cannabis, look for an indica-dominant strain with fruity and floral characteristics, but also a strain with some earthy qualities to match the Pinot's earthiness.

Flow Kana - Diamond Zkittlez (Grown by Alpenglow Farms, Southern Humboldt)
An indica hybrid that emits a sweet, tropical aroma and a blend of fruit flavors with soft earth undertones. Diamond Zkittlez (20.8% THC and 0% CBD) has a relaxing effect. Can be used to wind down after a long day, similar to a glass of red wine.

Be aware that alcohol enhances the effects of THC in cannabis. To avoid ill effects, it is recommended to begin the pairing with cannabis and wait to feel its effects before consuming alcohol.

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