Witnesses describe 'scary' YouTube shooting

SAN BRUNO, Calif. (KGO) -- Despite the shock of it all, people who work near YouTube headquarters didn't hesitate to help when shots rang out Tuesday afternoon. They found themselves suddenly surrounded by terrified employees, some of them bleeding.

"It's very scary," said Carl's Junior employee Bianca Ramirez. "We never saw that happen, something close to us. It's really scary."

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YouTube employees ran for their lives. Some found safety inside a Carl's Junior just off campus.

"Got the girl, walked her inside, put her inside the Carl's Junior side door. We put her in there, grabbed a bunch of napkins," said Good Samaritan Jesse Pineda.

A worker at nearby Hashes and Brews also took in the walking wounded. "(She) was shot on her lower ankle, put them in the restaurant, gave them towels and band-aids and tried to calm them down," said "Denny."

It was chaos on YouTube when shots were heard. An employee, who did not want to be identified, told ABC7 News after the gunfire, he heard screaming and saw people running.

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He says he ran toward the nearest exit which turned out to be toward the shooter. A co-worker, bleeding from her chin, ran toward him shouting, "She's behind us."

Together, they took off in the opposite direction and barricaded themselves in a conference room.

"I think for the residents of San Bruno, this has got to be a nerve-wracking additional experience," said San Bruno City Manager Connie Jackson.

She referenced the deadly PG&E pipeline explosion as the first experience. She said the community needs to stay strong.

"To prepare and be able to respond to even the most unimaginable situations," said Jackson.

Those involved still can't believe the situation happened near them.

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