Woman in her 70s rescued from kidnapper after chase, Oakland police say

OAKLAND, Calif. (KGO) -- Oakland police say they have rescued a woman in her 70s from a kidnapper. The suspect is in custody and the victim is safe after a police pursuit, authorities said.

Oakland police responded to calls at 7:45 Monday morning made from a house on Oak Street near I-880.

Andy Chan owner of Bay Auto Center told us police were everywhere.

"We don't know what it is, we saw a lot of policemen right here, said Chan.

Police had received a call from a man who had been assaulted while his 71 year-old mother was being forced into a car. Police arrived as the alleged kidnapper was taking off.

"And certainly, time was of the essence in this particular case. If our officers had been even second later, they wouldn't have see the suspect's car leaving with the victim, explained Johnna Watson, Spokesperson for the Oakland Police Department.

Officers chased the car for more than 45 minutes ending up in East Oakland on Lorenzo Avenue and Suter Street. At one point the driver had rammed into a police car. No one was hurt in that chase. The 71 year-old woman was fine.

Police say the victim was the alleged kidnapper's landlady.

"This is a landlord tenant dispute that ended in an assault, a kidnapping and then a ramming of a police car, added Watson.

Police would not say what led to the dispute between them.

The suspect now faces several assault as well as kidnapping charges.
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