11 Work-From-Home Essentials for Remote Workers

Monday, August 29, 2022

Since the pandemic, millions of Americans have worked from home in some capacity. While remote work has its perks, it also can have some downsides like distracting sounds and uncomfortable seating. Whether you're just now investing in a WFH setup, or looking to upgrade the items you already have, we've gathered a list of 11 must-haves you may want to consider if you're a remote or hybrid employee.

1. SAMSUNG 27" Class Curved HD LED Monitor - $159

Not only does having too many tabs open make your computer run slower, but also switching between them can be a pain. Snag this LED monitor for your WFH set up to allow for some extra space to review spreadsheets and create presentations.

Image credit: Walmart

2. Readerrest Blue Light Blocking Reading Glasses - $14.99

Staring at a screen all day can be tiresome, especially if you aren't taking care of your eyes. These blue light reading glasses absorb the blue light and help prevent unwanted fatigue, headaches, and eye strain as you work.

Image credit: Walmart

3. Everlasting Comfort Lumbar Support Pillow - $32.95

Give your back some support as you sit at a desk all day with this lumbar support pillow. Made from memory foam, this pillow contours to your back and provides ample support to help relieve pain and tension.

Image credit: Walmart

4.Might Rock Adjustable Noise Reduction Earmuffs - $14.99

Working from home can get chaotic whether you have a barking dog or a crying newborn. Made with professional noise-dampening foam, these earmuffs help ward off unwanted noise and promote concentration so you can hit those deadlines.

Image credit: Walmart

5. Mr. Coffee Electric Mug Warmer - $11.99

If your calendar is filled with back-to-back video meetings, you'll want to have an electric mug warmer on your desk. This small gadget keeps coffee and tea warm long after you make it so when there's no time to brew a fresh cup, you still have a tasty beverage.

Image credit: Walmart

6. Wintekd Video Conference Lighting Kit - $14.99

Both hybrid and remote workers can attest to the importance of high-quality lighting while working from home. With 10 brightness levels, this ring light can be adjusted to the desired intensity and clipped right on a laptop for easy use during meetings.

Image credit: Walmart

7. Cubii JR1 Under Desk Elliptical - $269

This under-the-desk elliptical is an easy way to get active as you work. Want more of a challenge? It's equipped with eight resistance levels to get the blood pumping more if you're feeling up to it.

Image credit: Walmart

8. Moleskin Notebook - $12.49

Jot down quick notes, reminders, and questions into this lined notebook when you need a break from your digital screen.

Image credit: Walmart

9. Everlasting Comfort Light Wood Essential Oil Diffuser - $38.95

While you may not have to deal with the chaos of office life, that doesn't mean working from home is stress-free. Use this essential oil diffuser to allow the pleasant scents of lavender, eucalyptus, and peppermint to permeate your workspace.

Image credit: Walmart

10. Hyper Tough 2 Pack 6-Outlet Surge Protector - $13.92

Between your laptop, cell phone, monitor, and desk lamp, you'll want to have this surge protector nearby to prevent electrical damage from overuse and lightning strikes.

Image credit: Walmart

11. Smile Art Designs Motivational Canvas Wall Art- $19.99+

It can be hard to stay motivated while isolated alone in a home office. Decorate your space with motivational canvas wall art for words of encouragement when you need them the most.

Image credit: Walmart

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