Tech workers attempt a world record swim in Mountain View

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. (KGO) -- From Dec. 10 to Dec. 21, it doesn't matter what time of day you tune in to this livestream there will be a swimmer at this pool in Mountain View. The tech workers turned world-record hunters are trying to get their Guinness badge of honor.

"There's an existing record set in 1979, so it's kind of worthy of being broken. The record stands at 10 days 470 miles," said organizer Craig Robinson who has been in touch with the previous world record holders from Ohio.

The eight swimmers are setting a goal of eleven days and as many miles past 470. They swim in relay, with at least one person in the pool at all times.

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One of those swimmers, Rob Gray says he's doing it for the charities they're supporting -- USMS Swimming Saves Lives Foundation and Challenged Athletes Foundation. Both causes are very personal to him.

"You've got kids, double below the knee amputees. They just really inspire me, to push me in my own life," he said.

Gray also added, "I had a near-drowning as a child. I was fortunate that I survived."

The USMS Swimming Saves Lives Foundation gives lifesaving skills to adult swimmers.

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The endeavor has bonded the eight swimmers involved in the pursuit, as they swam through highs and lows, day after day. Volunteers have also been helping to meticulously record and witness the challenge.

"Some of the late nights have been a little challenging, walking out here when it's freezing cold, that's not been the greatest," said Robinson.

The swimmers are trying to raise $30,000 for their charities. So far, they're on track to beat the world record.
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