U-Haul, PepsiCo step up to help after supply truck for Wounded Warriors event stolen

OAKLAND, Calif. (KGO) -- Two companies are stepping up to help after a U-Haul truck filled with supplies for an upcoming bike ride for disabled veterans was stolen in Oakland.

"At this point, we still haven't been contacted by police or the U-Haul company," said U.S. Marine Corps veteran David Lang.

The 26-foot U-Haul truck that was parked in front of Lang's home Friday night in the Oakland Hills is still missing.

Lang's housemate Ulysses Adams, who was injured in the Persian Gulf during Desert Fox in the late 90s, says he couldn't believe it.

"It takes away from your faith in humanity and what not," he said.

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The truck was filled with cases of Gatorade and bottled water for Sunday's "Ride 2 Recovery," a disabled veterans program that sponsors a 450 mile bicycle ride each year from Palo Alto to Santa Monica.

The truck was donated by U-Haul. And the Gatorade and water, meant to hydrate riders during their long ride, was donated by PepsiCo.

Lang and Adams didn't know what to do.

"Honestly I was a little apprehensive," said Adams. "I wasn't sure if somebody would, you know, be willing to donate more."

They didn't need to worry. The two companies came through again.

On Friday morning, Adams drove another truck donated by U-Haul to PepsiCo's facility in Hayward where they loaded up with more Gatorade and water. It's just in time for Sunday's start of the ride, where hundreds of mostly disabled vets will participate.

"If it wasn't for a company like them, you know, it's hard for a small nonprofit group to support the veterans when they need it," said Lang.

The two Marine veterans say the ride is therapeutic, cycling with comrades who know the kind of issues they're going through.

Now they can ride with much needed provisions, thanks again to the generosity of others.
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