Years of illegal firework use caught on camera by San Jose resident

SAN JOSE, Calif. (KGO) -- Jeff Levine has been capturing illegal firework use in San Jose on his home security cameras for years.

Despite the fact consumer fireworks are illegal in San Jose, he says his quiet, Roosevelt Park neighborhood is a hotbed for illegal fireworks use on and around the Fourth of July.

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"I've been doing this for six, seven, eight years and some of them are dramatic and rattle houses, rattle neighborhood," Levine, who posts his videos on YouTube, said.

Levine said he has many concerns about illegal firework use, including it's impact on animals and people with PTSD.

"And it's hazardous. It can spark fires," he added.

"Safe and sane" fireworks are legal in 12 cities across the greater Bay Area. San Jose is not one of them, but that hasn't stopped the problem.

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Several neighbors in San Jose told ABC7 News they hear the fireworks every night leading up to July 4th.

"When they're really close up I'll kind of get a little freaked out," Naomi Brennan, who turns eight later this month, explained.

Shana Kurlan, a mother of a six-month-old boy, said she is also concerned.

"I'm just hoping the baby stays asleep," she said.

San Jose is asking residents who hear or see illegal fireworks use to report it on online.

Last year, the city received 1,100 reports of illegal firework use around July 4th. However, they only gave four citations.

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"I want the city to do more, put a little more teeth behind the ordinances," Levine said. "And I want everyday people, private citizens to realize what the impacts are."

You can report illegal firework use in San Jose here.
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