With Authority: MLB Trade Deadline A Dud? Giants and A's Grades, Crying over Cartoons

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- Madison Bumgarner stays, Mark Melancon goes. And so does the $18 million left on his contract. Lord Zaidi channels hypnosis to shed payroll and improve the Giants.

Arby's should really be sponsoring the A's after the Tanner Roark deal.

Pac-12 After Dark is a bust. Who's ready for mimosas on the Palouse? Does it make any sense to play Pac-12 football games at 9 am?

Who cries at a cartoon? One of our co-hosts.

Plus we channel our inner Jim Harbaugh. The definitive answer to the eternal question -- How much milk do I have to drink to be big enough to be quarterback?

"With Authority" Podcast - Episode 16 - Recorded July 31, 2019

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