Bay Area homeowners turn to paint to cover brown lawns

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Homeowners in California know they have to cut back on water in this drought, but that doesn't mean they have to put up with a brown lawn.

We're all trying to save water during California's historic drought, even if that means the green lawn in front of your house is now brown. ABC7 News took a look at how some are going green without using the sprinklers.

The grass is always greener at Kelly Rivera's house, even during the drought. She told ABC7 News, "So I left one day with a brown lawn and came home to a green lawn."

Rivera is a new homeowner and her lawn was looking terrible, but not anymore. Neighbors think she's a water waster, but then she happily tells them she painted it and they're shocked.

Lawnpainting might be the newest trend during the drought. Bill Schaffer's new company, Brown Lawn Green has been busy across the Bay Area. This green application lasts about three months. He says, don't call it paint.

"We use a non-toxic colorant. It is 100 percent all natural, 100 percent organic," Schaffer said.

Schaffer says, it's safe for kids and pets with no runoff. Kelly's dad, John, liked it so much his lawn is getting a total green-over too.

"It changed colors in 20 minutes. It's well worth it, you save water. You can't go wrong," homeowner John Coleman said.

Transforming Kelly's lawn from brown to green cost her about $300 for the front and back yards.

"I'd rather pay a couple of hundred dollars than a thousand for a whole brand -new yard," Rivera said.

Similar products are sold online and in stores if you want to do it yourself for less money.

Brown may be the new green, unless you use some make-up to hide the drought.

To learn how much your city is required to cut back, click here. For water rebate information from Bay Area water suppliers, click here. And click here for tips on how to conserve water. To learn more about how to report water wasters #WhereYouLive, click here.

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