Santa Rosa, Sunnyvale ranked among snobbiest cities

Mothers with their babies and toddlers go for a stroll on the Park Perimeter Loop at Sunnyvale Baylands Park, in Sunnyvale, Calif.

Two bay Area cities are among the nation's snobbiest mid-sized cities, according to one real estate blog.

Santa Rosa and Sunnyvale made the top ten, according to Movoto's ranking. The math behind the snobby rankings included higher median home price and household income, along with per-capita counts with a high percent of the population with a college degree, more private schools, more performing arts, more art galleries, fewer fast food restaurants and more country clubs.

The top ten:

1. Pasadena, CA
2. Thousand Oaks, CA
3. Alexandria, VA
4. Naperville, IL
5. Santa Rosa, CA
6. Fort Lauderdale, FL
7. Glendale, CA
8. Sunnyvale, CA
9. Fullerton, CA
10. Eugene, OR

Movoto says Sunnyvale has the highest median home prices out of any city on the list and the fourth highest household income. Santa Rosa scored snobby points for its art galleries.
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