What to Expect on Walter's Final Episode of 'The View'

Friday, May 16, 2014

"The View" has celebrated Barbara Walters's decades-long career in journalism for the past year, but nothing topped her last show.

Taped today and set to air Friday at 11 a.m. ET on ABC, a slew of famous guests popped by to bid the talk show host a happy retirement.

Hillary Clinton, Michael Douglas and Oprah Winfrey stopped by to tell personal stories about their friend and wish her a happy retirement.

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But even Walters became a bit emotional when Winfrey introduced 25 female broadcast journalists from every major news network, all of whom she influenced. These women, including Diane Sawyer, Robin Roberts and Joan Lunden, were to be her legacy, she said.

"I was teary," Walters told ABC News after their appearance on the show she founded 17 years ago. "But I wasn't going to cry because I was really very happy."

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In all, the entire program was as close to perfect as she could have imagined.

"There's no such thing as perfect but I can't think of anything that was lacking," she said. "It was unexpected! I did not expect Hillary Clinton to show up. I did not expect all of these women in broadcasting to be there. They all had to take time out of their day. I did not expect Oprah Winfrey to leave Chicago, with everything she has to do and come here. So, it was not just unexpected.

"It was, really, for me, very moving."

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