Consumer Catch-up: Data protection legislation, T-Mobile/Sprint merger, Toys R Us gift cards

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Tuesday, May 1, 2018
Consumer Catch-up: Data protection legislation, T-Mobile/Sprint merger
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Legislation to protect your data is moving forward, plus those Toys R Us gift cards are now no good! What you should know for Monday, April 30, 2018.

Data protection legislation

New legislation authored in response to last year's massive Equifax breach is moving quickly through the state senate.

Nearly 150 million consumers had critical information compromised in the breach. Under the proposed measure, consumers will have more time to file claims against companies who compromise their personal data.

The measure also increases penalties on companies ranging from 200 to 1,000 dollars per breach.

Senator Bill Dodd (D, District 3) says the law hasn't improved since 1970. "So we're going to bring it up to the digital age and then finally set fines and penalties for bad actors that don't adequately or reasonably protect people's credit."

The bill passed in the senate judiciary committee and is on its way to the appropriation committee for a vote.

T-Mobile, Sprint merger concerns

There is only a 50 - 50 chance the T-Mobile Sprint merger will go through, but consumer groups are still voicing their concerns.

Watchdog group Common Cause says low-income consumers seeking more affordable services will be particularly hurt.

Consumer Groups say T-Mobile's bid for Sprint will likely lead to higher cell phone plans due to less competition.

Other industry insiders say a stronger third player will create lower prices and opportunities for consumers.

Toys "R" Us gift cards no longer valid

Your Toys "R" Us gift cards aren't any good at Toys "R" Us anymore, as the chain goes out of business.

However, Kmart now says it'll give points to members of its loyalty club, who turn in unused Toys "R" Us cards.

The deal is worth ten bucks, potentially $15 if you purchase only toys.

Babies "R" Us cards will also be accepted.

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