Twin stars of 'American Sniper' from San Jose

SAN JOSE, Calif. (KGO) -- Sunday was a special night for San Jose twins Aidan and Madeleine McGraw. The two each had roles in "American Sniper," which won an Academy Award tonight for sound editing.

The six-year-old twins were a little sad their movie, "American Sniper," didn't win Best Picture, but their parents say just having their kids in a Clint Eastwood film has been an amazing experience.

"I do an Oscar contest every year with one of my best girlfriends and I can't even believe that my kids are in a movie that I'm circling on a ballot that I hope wins," said the twins' mother Jackie McGraw. "It's super crazy."

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Aidan and Madeleine left their San Jose home to spend four days each on the set of "American Sniper". Aidan plays the son of Bradley Cooper's character, and Madeleine, his daughter.

"I liked filming with Bradley Cooper," Madelaine said. "It was fun."

Aiden said what's cool about the Oscars is "That I'm in a movie and I love my pretend dad."

"American Sniper" has opened up a lot of opportunities for the twins, so much so that their manager is having a much easier time getting them auditions.

"Now she's like, 'Oh she's the little girl in American Sniper,' and they're like OK we'll see her," Jackie mcGraw said.

At this point, there are no plans for the family to move to Los Angeles.

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Despite the long drives, their parents are committed to seeing how far Aidan and Madeleine's careers can go.

"At a young age they've gotten to have these experiences and you know as a parent you want them to have the neatest experience they can have and this is pretty special," said Colin McGraw, father of the twins.

Special indeed -- six-year-old twins off to a great start making their mark in Hollywood.
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