Animal rescue advocates warn not to buy live bunnies for Easter: 'They're not gifts, they're pets'

Buying a rabbit comes with a 10-year commitment, National Humane Education Society says
CHIPPEWA FALLS, Wisc. -- Animal rescue advocates are warning people to think twice about gifting a real-life bunny for Easter.

Retailers usually sell rabbits at low prices during the spring, according to the National Humane Education Society.

But there are real consequences that come with buying them.

The organizations said families can expect their new fluffy pet to come with a 10-year commitment and a cost of thousands of dollars in supplies in veterinary care.

On top of all the hours of cleaning and safe keeping, it can leave families overwhelmed and eventually lead them to surrendering the animals to local shelters.

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The director of the Hoppy House Rabbit Rescue in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin said they usually get about 30 calls for new surrenders in the months following Easter.

"Don't buy any live animals for Easter, rabbits and chicks, don't do it. They're not gifts, they're pets, they're part of the family," said Nicole Estenson.

Rabbits get bored, angry, and destructive when neglected or locked in a cage, the rescue group said in a recent Facebook post.

Instead of gifting living rabbits and chicks, the group suggests sticking to the edible versions of them, like chocolate rabbits, eggs and PEEPS.
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