Apple reportedly looking into building products in US

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- Could your next iPhone or Macbook be made in America? Apple is reportedly looking into building its products in the U.S. following calls from President-elect Donald Trump to do just that.

But it could come at the expense of customers. Would you pay twice as much for an iPhone as you do now so it can be built here?

That could be the tough side effect to this plan.

This is all coming from a report in the financial magazine Nikkei Asian Review, citing unnamed sources.

The article says Apple has asked its manufacturers to look into the possibility of making the iPhone in the U.S. One agreed to consider it and the other said no because it would be too expensive.

This would be a major victory for Trump, who said during the campaign he would try to force Apple to make its products in the U.S.

He has also talked about a 45 percent tax on all Chinese imports.

Apple did not comment on the report.
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