Gov. Rauner visits ATF agent shot in face in Back of the Yards

CHICAGO -- Gov. Bruce Rauner visited Monday with the ATF agent who was shot in the face last week while working undercover in Chicago's Back of the Yards neighborhood.

Rauner said it was an emotional meeting and called him a hero. The officer is expected to make a full recover.

Authorities continued Monday to search for the shooter. A $61,000 reward for information is being offered.

Meanwhile, Back of the Yards residents are concerned about the aggressive manner in which police searched their neighborhood for the suspect. The agent was shot Friday in the Back of the Yards neighborhood near 44th Street and Hermitage.

A flash grenade was thrown through the window of one home on Friday, scaring family members. Authorities provided a warrant, but the residents said nothing was found.

"My seven year old was walking out of the house with his hands up," one of the residents said.

The federal agent was part of a task force investigating illegal guns in the neighborhood.

Alderman Ray Lopez (15th Ward) said the neighborhood has become increasingly dangerous recently, which is why the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) and Chicago police were there in the first place.

Neighbors said they understand that, but they still object to the way investigators searched for the gunman.

Chicago police Supt. Eddie Johnson said Sunday that authorities know who they are looking for.

The agent was working with a new federal gun strike force with local and state authorities. The strike force teams have been targeting gangs trafficking illegal guns in the neighborhood.

Anyone with information about the shooting is asked to call Please be sure to report any tips and information to 312-747-8380 or visit
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