Travel photographer Simone Anne brings adventure back to the Bay Area

REDWOOD CITY, Calif. (KGO) -- Photography is an adventure. It takes you places, helps you see things differently, and invites new people into your life. Bay Area Insider, Simone Anne, lives for that sort of adventure.

Through her journey as a travel photographer she's hiked the John Muir Trail solo, hung out in the desert with a herd of camels, and connected with countless perfect strangers. That's all really impressive and just a snapshot of what makes Simone so cool.

Her personality is as bright and colorful as the shots she takes. From the time she was suggested on Instagram, Simone has spent time thoughtfully engaging a community around her work. She not only lives for the next adventure but for every single person who feels inspired from her creative photos.

Simone loves sharing the world with anyone willing to go the journey with her. If you can't get there yourself, this Bay Area Insider is ready to take you along for the ride!

Follow @simone_anne on Instagram to start your adventure.

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