Family of man whose body was found in San Mateo County says he was hardworking cab driver

DALY CITY, Calif. (KGO) -- The family of a cab driver who was discovered dead Monday night beside a Peninsula road is mourning the loss of a man who they say was a hard worker. His body was on Skyline Boulevard near Reid's Roost Road in San Mateo County.

"He just picked up a crazy person and we don't know-- did he rob him. (We dont) know what was happening exactly," says Abdul Alhapi, the victim's cousin.

Abdul Mailk was killed sometime Monday night. His body was dumped on a shoulder of Skyline Boulevard north of Reid's Roost Road-- a rural part of San Mateo County.

A Sheriff's deputy was driving down the road shortly after 11 pm when he noticed the body. Investigators swarmed the area looking for anything that could help find the killer.

"Maybe that there's some evidence they can find. They're trained in searching these kinds of areas. Its rough terrain, rural," said Sheriffs spokesperson Lt. Stephanie Josephson.

A white car was towed from the crime scene. Relatives we spoke with said Mailk was a cab driver who worked for Skyline Yellow cab. The car had the company's markings.

The CHP closed Skyline around the crime scene all morning, finally opening the road at 11:30. The Dubreuil Family was stopped at the roadblock.

"A lot of trucks and military and police were going the other way so we didn't know what was going on," said Jod Dubreuil, who's visiting from New Hampshire.

Daniel Solomon lives up the hill from Skyline. His wife got a neighborhood alert on her phone.

"It advised us to not answer the doorbell if somebody came to knock on our door."

Abdul Alhapi says his cousin was a good man.

"He was working very hard. Working for his family. Very, very nice guy,"

Mailk was a Yemini-American with deep roots to his community. Mansoor Ismael is the Yemeni Consul in San Francisco. He says Mailk received a work call at about nine last night.

"He received a phone call from one of his customers and two hours later his wife tried to call him and he didn't answer his phone and that's when his family called the police."

Authorities are still looking for the killer.

Mailk leaves behind a wife and daughter.

The Yemeni Consulate is offering a $20,000 reward for the capture of the killer or killers.
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