Consumer Catch-up: trade war impact on startups, Toys R Us closing this week, ACA health care debate

Startups could be impacted by trade war

Bay Area startups may be dragged into the trade fight between the U.S. and China.

Published reports say the Treasury Department is working on new rules for Chinese companies investing in tech firms.

The rules would stop companies that are at least a quarter owned by Chinese firms from buying U.S. tech companies. If implemented, that could put a real dent in our local economy.

Toys R Us shutting down this week

The end is in sight for Toys R Us. The chain says all of the U.S. Toys R Us and Babies R Us stores will be closed by this Friday.

Toys R Us has been in close-out sales mode for weeks now. What little is left can be found marked down as much as 90%. Worth checking out, but hurry.

Here's a link to everything you need to know about the closing.

Affordable Care Act debate continues

The debate over the Affordable Care Act is back in play.

We reported that 20 states filed a lawsuit asking the courts to abolish the Affordable Care Act. The lawsuit appeared to be going nowhere, so there wasn't much coverage.

Now the administration has weighed in on the side of the states. If successful, Obamacare is no more. Those with preexisting conditions are back where they were before Obamacare: ether uninsured or with extremely expensive insurance.

ABC7 is keeping track of the court case and will bring you any changes as they happen.

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