East Bay limousine company losing business after deadly New York crash

NEW YORK (KGO) -- An East Bay limousine company is losing business as a result of the accident in New York. The owner of Prestige Limousine in Concord says despite having the same name, it has no affiliation with the limousine company involved in Saturday's collision that killed 20 people.

Even so, someone threw pumpkins at the company's fleet Monday morning, and business has come to an abrupt halt.

"We didn't get a lot of clients calling to make reservations today at all. It's been pretty much dead on that end," said Saljuk Badri, dispatcher for Prestige Limousine.

He says people are canceling reservations too. Four so far.

"We have to keep clarifying that we're not part of it," said Rebecca Satti, owner of Prestige Limousine.

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This is the company's latest setback,which always seems to happen during its busiest time of year -- the Napa Valley harvest season.

First there was the Napa earthquake, then the North Bay Fires, and now this.

"Actually it's really hard to be judged for something that you haven't done anything and you were not a part of it," said Satti.

Prestige Limousine has been based in Concord since 1996. It currently has a fleet of 15 limousines and a staff of 19 drivers, all of whom have gone through background checks.

They're also required to go through safety training, drug testing and proper licensing.

The company is hoping the mistaken association will soon pass and customers will start booking once again.

"We just hope they will give us our fair shake," said Badri.
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