Bay Area school district building 122 housing units for teachers, staff in Daly City

DALY CITY, Calif. (KGO) -- In Daly City, construction is set to begin this week for 122 below-market units for Jefferson Union High School District teachers and staff.

"Having to be in a 1-bedroom or pay for a 1-bedroom $2,300 - $2,500 is a lot and I'm only one person. I don't need lots of space," said Candice Bell, who works as an executive assistant for the district and added, "A lower rate is tremendous. It's a huge benefit for me and my financial responsibilities."

In June 2018, the Jefferson Union High School District was the first school district in the nation to pass a bond measure supporting housing for their faculty and staff.

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"We have people living as far as Brentwood and they travel quite the distance to get to work every day," said JUHSD Teacher's Union President, Monica Casey.

Casey says the 20% turnover rate has been affecting the JUHSD for years.

Daly City's Mayor, Glenn Sylvester, hopes the four-story housing development will serve as a recruitment tool.

"We have a high turnover rate and hoping with a project from this bond and what will happen with this project, that we can recruit more teachers and we can keep the teacher we have now," said Sylvester.

Construction crews will break ground on February 5, 2020. Mayor Sylvester hopes this housing development project sets an example for other cities.

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"I believe that Jefferson Elementary School District, they have a bond as well and they are going to be building," said Sylvester.

JUHSD Superintendent Terry Deloria says the housing development project is one of several ways they're planning to help teachers and staff.

"The board is also working on ways to incentivize staff to save and buy their own condo or home," said Deloria.

The first residents may move in as early as Spring 2022.

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