Bernie Sanders delegates from CA heckle speakers during DNC

PHILADELPHIA (KGO) -- Bernie Sanders supporters have heckled the Democratic National Convention speakers almost every night and most of it's coming from the California delegation.

It happened Thursday morning at the California delegation breakfast and Wednesday night at the convention itself -- chanting, protesting the path the Democratic party has chosen, the one that's given Hillary Clinton the nomination.

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"Yeah, you'll definitely hear more tonight," said Natalie Higley a Bernie Sanders delegate from Lake County.

"A lot of the reason there are still protests and so many actions going on is because she's still ignoring the issues that are most important to us," said one Sanders supporter.

The California Nurses Association sat in the upper rows of the delegation, which campaigned extensively for Bernie Sanders.

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"I think she has a lot of work to do. We have a more progressive platform this year, but it remains to be seen if she'll actually be held accountable for it and she'll actually follow through," said Calif. Nurses Association member Amy Erb.

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Clinton supporters, like Robert Camacho from Concord, say they're taking the commotion in stride.

"When Bernie came out, I cried and I was crying with them. We were shaking hands, hugging each other. We were crying together," said Robert Camacho, a Clinton delegate from Concord.

"So much of us as the Democratic party stand behind President Obama, so I think some of us were a little upset when they protested during his speech," said Walnut Creek delegate Monica Fitzgerald.

Beyond reaching out to Sanders supporters, Bay Area billionaire and Democratic activist Tom Steyer wants to hear about the economy and the environment, issues important to California.

"I think that the Trump presidency from the standpoint of energy, climate change and the environment would be beyond a disaster, it's almost unimaginable," said Democratic donor Tom Steyer.

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